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One of our fans submitted this drink, we did some research and it's from a book called Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A, a worthy recipe for your mezcal collection.
The Amaretto Sour is a highly requested cocktail made in a variation of ways; our way is the Jeffrey Morgenthaler design.
Beautiful almond and oak flavor with an off-dry finish that lingers with amaretto.
A tiki drink published by Jeff Berry in the Grog Log, brings together allspice, rums and that lovely flavor of demerara.
Rich molasses notes, a mild to moderate sweetness of allspice and demerara. Refreshing and well balanced.
A surprisingly delicious tiki cocktail from the wamp Fox Room of The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston SC circa 1950
Well balanced rum and dark smokey cherry
A 1950s recipe from Bali Ha'i At The Beach in New Orleans
Created by Mariano Licudine of the Mai-Kai Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL in 1971. The Mai-Kai, opened December 1956, it's now registered as a Historic Place in the National Registers and is the last known tiki-themed restaurant serving original Don Beachcomber cocktail recipes.
A subtle banana flavor with the focused flavor of your rum breaking right through without being boozy.
While there is no real history behind this drink, nor do we know whom created it, this cocktail came across our desk and we just had to make it.
Dry and acidic, not too sweet, but all the flavors pair well together without anything overpowering; a bit of molasses/blackstrap, musty rye and hard to put down.
A classic Donn The Beachcomber tiki cocktail circa 1930 at the original Hollywood bar.
Fruity flavors of mild grapefruit, and citrus with a light sweet brown sugar molasses finish
It's almost common sense to bring blueberries to a margarita, this recipe has been designed by many folks that have a handful of fresh bluerberries, we just substitute mezcal over tequila to get a nice smokey finish
A lightly sweet blueberry with a tart sour finish that lingers with smoke
A simple desert cocktail which is probably based on a brandy alexander, which is more of a classic recipe design, but the warming punch of bourbon helps drive this into a great winter warmer "comfort food" of cocktails.
Creamy chocolate with a kick of bourbon to warm the heart.
Not to be confused with the single-word form of the “Southside”, the Chicago South Side is a similar variation that brings Angostura into the mix. Unlike the Southside, however, this cocktail calls for lime juice over lemon juice and London Dry Gin over American Gin.
Lovely aromatic flavor of trade spices, gin botanicals and acidity. Just a great drink.
cocktail by Jayce Kadyschuk, the head bartender at Clive’s in Victoria, British Columbia.
The daiquiri is a classic island cocktail invented a dozen times by dozens of people. It's so simple that it's a perfect rum sour design.
Refreshing sour bite with a lingering lime flavor with an overall backbone of beautiful rum.
This tiki drink was created by Don the Beachcomber, circa 1941. It brings passion fruit together with a rum, light on spirit but the spirits involved are fairly strong.
Sweet and Tart with a growing tangy bite that grows on you while also bringing a good sour citrus
This cocktail was designed by Disaronno to promote their Cavalli partnership in which the Amaretto bottle was re-designed in the style of Roberto Cavalli.
Sweet flavor of disaronno meets prosecco with a beautiful trade spice profile of bitters.
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