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The Aruba Ariba seems to exist in many variations, this version contains fruit punch to avoid having to use a lot of fruit in the build.
Light and fruity with coconut, pineapple, cherry and no alcohol kick
Created by Mariano Licudine of the Mai-Kai Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL in 1971. The Mai-Kai, opened December 1956, it's now registered as a Historic Place in the National Registers and is the last known tiki-themed restaurant serving original Don Beachcomber cocktail recipes.
A subtle banana flavor with the focused flavor of your rum breaking right through without being boozy.
The Rum Runner is said to have been a child of the 1950s at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada Florida.
Raspberry candy with a little banana filling; This is a potent number, you can taste the alcohol. - Buy ingredients today!