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Created by Mariano Licudine of the Mai-Kai Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL in 1971. The Mai-Kai, opened December 1956, it's now registered as a Historic Place in the National Registers and is the last known tiki-themed restaurant serving original Don Beachcomber cocktail recipes.
A subtle banana flavor with the focused flavor of your rum breaking right through without being boozy.
A beautiful blended cocktail that lands on the sweeter side and may be a gateway cocktail for future discovery.
Chocolate milk blended with a cafe latte, great after dinner or before dinner beverage in warm weather.
The classic pina colada, it's a mystery as to why a drink like this works because it has no sour component. But, who cares? It works!
A rare whiskey based tiki cocktail designed by Sandro Conti from 1961. A whiskey sour meets passion fruit.
The Scorpion or "Scorpion Bowl" for the full size, is one of Trader Vic's most popular cocktail recipes, from around 1972.
A very generic "tiki drink", well balanced, good citrus to rum ratio that's not too sweet, not too dry. But, isn't memorable on complex flavors, good base for a new-aged tiki drink.
Royal Rose Three Chili Simple Syrup