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The corpse reviver #2 is the second version of the corpse reviver and often considered the best version. Designed as a cure-all for a hangover. This rendition was born around 1871.
An herbal sour bite that will wake you up with a bit of aromatic gin/juniper aroma with a bit of a fennel mid-palate flavor.
The very first Singapore Sling recipe said to have been created by Ngiam Tong Boon is lost to time. Not even the Raffles Hotel, who has been serving it since 1915 or so, has the original recipe–they add “this or that” as Jeff Berry says in his book.
Tropical flavors of almond, brown sugar, cherry, pineapple and an array of sweetness.
There are many varieties of 'sundowner' recipes out there, so we are not sure what the historic significance is on this drink. But, we like the play of campari meets mezcal.
Smokey mezcal up front, bitter in the back with a little tequila sunrise like flavor profile. - Buy ingredients today!