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The Bloody Mary’s original history isn’t very clear, but there have been a few folks that lay claim to its creation. Harry’s New York Bar in Paris believes they are the place the Bloody Mary was first invented in around 1921.
A simple desert cocktail which is probably based on a brandy alexander, which is more of a classic recipe design, but the warming punch of bourbon helps drive this into a great winter warmer "comfort food" of cocktails.
Creamy chocolate with a kick of bourbon to warm the heart.
An experimental drink created on the set of Common Man Cocktails to demonstrate you can take a few random ingredients and build a balanced cocktail with just a bit of math and science (and taste); Yep, it's a "2:1:1" recipe!
A balance of bitter eucalyptus, subtle almond with just the right citrus tart; "tiki taste" profile.
The daiquiri is a classic island cocktail invented a dozen times by dozens of people. It's so simple that it's a perfect rum sour design.
Refreshing sour bite with a lingering lime flavor with an overall backbone of beautiful rum.
This cocktail brings another great mezcal drink to your resume, and pairs apple juice with mezcal and passion fruit.
A spicy smoky balanced cocktail of citrus, tropical flavor and mezcal without too much apple juice flavor--mainly just used to fill it out.
Apparently in Latin America the Michelada is used as a hangover remedy--usually not a great idea. This cocktail design is much like a Bloody Mary, everyone has their own design... this is ours.
Said to be designed by Don Javier Delgado Corona, owner of the beloved La Capilla bar in Jalisco. Credited with the Batanga cocktail as well. Often made with Jarritos or Q Grapefruit; if not, use Fresca or Squirt.
Light and carbonated grapefruit with a hint of agave
Designed by the Toro Bravo restaurant in Portland Oregon. An obvious riff off the Hemingway Daiquiri or even the Dorchester cocktail with the combination of Luxardo and fresh sours!
Earthy flavor that is light on smoke, nicely balanced mild sour against the salty mezcal bite.
The Salty Dog was invented by George Jessel in 1952. George is the same individual that brought us the well known Bloody Mary cocktail. Given the date of the Salty Dog’s creation, we would not be surprised to find that the original called for vodka over gin.
Light flavor of juniper and lightly tart fleshy grapefruit flavor.
The Shy Sour is a cross between a margarita and an amaretto sour -- designed by M. Carrie Allan
Light sour with a touch of almond sweetness followed by a mild smoke and saline finish.
A cocktail named for a character in the movie Chocolat, but no real cocktail history.
A light chocolate hint against a nice whiskey flavor that leads to a spicy bite in the finish
Created by fruit stand owner Oscar Hernandez to keep himself cool in Mexico. People asked what it was and asking for him to make them one so he did. Eventually it grew into a viral success and he began serving them at his stand to lines of people. They were served in plastic bags with a straw.
Tequila meets tomato juice which quickly bounces into a sweet tomato orange flavor profile and ends with a spicy kick.
The whiskey sour, a basic sour cocktail ratio with your favorite whiskey, could also be considered a 'Boston Sour' with the inclusion of egg white.
A mingling of citrus and whiskey and a silky smooth texture that ends off-dry.
Great fireside cocktail for the colder months of the season, or perhaps even around a campfire in spring?
Beautiful agave and smoke with a nice sour bite that lingers. Great use of mezcal.
Scrappy's Firewater Tincture