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About Us

Back in the early 2000s AwesomeDrinks was a recipe archive that eventually grew into a small glassware shop. In 2011, AwesomeDrinks was acquired by the folks of Common Man Cocktails because the owner, Derrick Schommer, was tired of failed affiliate marketing. He wanted to own the store that sold the gear that he used on his youtube show. He expanded the store to carry cocktail syrups, bitters and other craft supplies.

Ironically, our Recipe Search Database was designed to fill the void of cocktail recipes that utilized the glassware, cocktail bitters, syrups and other ingredients sold at AwesomeDrinks. You know where to buy your gear, but you're not 100% certain on how to best utilize it all. You've taken our training courses at and are ready to prepare some great tasting cocktails. But, what cocktail recipes will you choose?

Start your exploration, search for a new recipe or hit up our categories and work from there!