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One of our fans submitted this drink, we did some research and it's from a book called Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A, a worthy recipe for your mezcal collection.
A modern mezcal focused cocktail developed by Devojka at LifeHacker, a blend of smoke, tart, and sour with a bit of bitter -- strange right? The Age of Aquarius for sure.
Starts sweet, moves to sour and tart with tail end of smokey and bitter yet mildly sweet.
It's almost common sense to bring blueberries to a margarita, this recipe has been designed by many folks that have a handful of fresh bluerberries, we just substitute mezcal over tequila to get a nice smokey finish
A lightly sweet blueberry with a tart sour finish that lingers with smoke
The idea of the decepticon is to deceive the drinkers eyes into thinking they're going to be sipping on a lemon drop...but they are not: this is a smoky mezcal number instead.
A smokey citrus with undertone of maraschino liqueur
Perhaps inspired by Pink Floyd, this came across our desk and after trying it, we realized...this is a great cocktail with Mezcal and Aperol.
Sweet yet smoky yet bitter, a great balance of flavor experiences for mezcal drinkers.
A cocktail invented by Colin Nugent--what we need are more mezcal cocktails and this one brings some bitterness into the picture.
A cocktail designed by Bryan Dayton in Boulder at Oak At Fourteenth.
light mezcal start with a ginger mid-palate and a light eucalyptus and smoke finish. A bit herbal/medicinal.
A variation of the Last Word made with Mezcal because Mezcal is fantastic.
A smokey start, mild sour with a herbal finish
This cocktail brings another great mezcal drink to your resume, and pairs apple juice with mezcal and passion fruit.
A spicy smoky balanced cocktail of citrus, tropical flavor and mezcal without too much apple juice flavor--mainly just used to fill it out.
The Mezcal fizz is out of the book of the Dead Rabbit in New York City, because it calls for watermelon juice, it's no doubt a late spring, early summer cocktail.
A bit of hot spice that simmers, a bit of smoke, flavorful watermelon, but not sweet.
The Mai Tai is a forever fabulous and popular drink, this version brings the Orgeat and lime but does not match the exact Mai Tai recipe. This is a modification of a modification slightly tweaked (by us) to be less sweet.
Joaquin Simo's creation from Death & Co in NYC circa 2011.
Smokey grapefruit flavor profile in a unique blend that remains well-balanced without additional sugars.
Pronounced "wah-hock-en" Dead, this cocktail is a play on words from the comic book / tv series and has a great use of Mezcal
Smokey Sweet Candy (aka "nana candy"); easy to drink, slightly unique flavor profile that's hard to pickup. Great smoky profile and sweeter flavors.
The Oaxacan Jewel was created by one of our community members and is a take on the Bijou cocktail, but with Mezcal!
High potency with accents of herbs, black licorice, and a hint of smoke in the finish.
A spicy and smokey cocktail that riff's off a margarita designed "sour" with heat, smoke and spice!
Smoke and spice meets a juicy dry flavor that lingers with more heat and smoke. A blend of tequila and mezcal flavor.
Scrappy's Orleans Bitters