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The Southside cocktail has a murky history and a confusing origin city. Is “southside” referring to New York or Chicago? It has also been called “a mint julep with gin” and Dale Degroff says it’s a variation on a cocktail called the Major Bailey which uses both lemon and lime.
A sour-forward gin flavored design with subtle mint flavor.
There are many varieties of 'sundowner' recipes out there, so we are not sure what the historic significance is on this drink. But, we like the play of campari meets mezcal.
Smokey mezcal up front, bitter in the back with a little tequila sunrise like flavor profile.
The history behind this dates back to the first category of 'sour' and has been modified a bit to be more interesting and fun. This fits more of a "Boston Sour" (whiskey sour with egg white) but with Tequila and sugar/citrus/bitters that pair against the flavor of tequila.
A 1961 Tiki cocktail based out of Ohio at the Kahiki restaurant in Columbus. Plus, it's purple.
Grape Daiquiri Popsicle with a sour bite in the finish, like a sweet tart
This Zombie riff isn't exactly a Game of Thrones cocktail unless you want it to be, but it does fit a great summer time rum friendly desire.
Flavorful pineapple and light cinnamon notes playing off the quality of your rums
Jerry Thomas turned this prank cocktail into reality in 1876’s The Bar-Tenders Guide (page 91) in which Thomas references the Tom Collins as a Whiskey, Brandy or Gin cocktail by simply changing out the core ingredient in this sour.
Refreshing yet sour start with a mildly sweet tart gin ending with bubbly citrus and a lingering sour lemon
Rye Whiskey and maple syrup is the invention of Jim Meehan's new Chicago bar Prairie School --
A slight tart yet jammy flavor with a slight sweet maple and raspberry finish.
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The Trinidad sour is a great use of angostura bitters in high degree, this drink's core "spirit" is bitters and that is pretty unusual.
Bitter clove, allspice, nutmeg and other trade spices with just the right amount of balance
The Vodka Collins is a variation of the earlier Tom Collins by simply removing Old Tom Gin and replacing it with vodka. Difford’s Guide suggests that Vodka Collins cocktails were being served in 1933 after the repeal of prohibition.
Light and refreshing lemonade like appeal, with a kick of alcohol in the finish.
The whiskey sour, a basic sour cocktail ratio with your favorite whiskey, could also be considered a 'Boston Sour' with the inclusion of egg white.
A mingling of citrus and whiskey and a silky smooth texture that ends off-dry.
This drink’s origin lands somewhere between 1919 and 1930 and has a few folks crediting themselves with its creation. Harry McElhone lays claim to its initial invention at London’s Ciro Club in 1919 while Harry Craddock documented it in his 1930’s Savoy Cocktail Book from the American Bar in London.
Smooth timid start of citrus, growing juniper mid-palate mingled with lemon with a dry citrus finish.
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created for the Moscow Mule company's 75h Anniversary MuleHead recipe book
Smoky and oaky sage and refreshing chilled spicy ginger zing.
Liber & Co Grenadine