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The east side, a play off the 'south side' cocktail and still remains a gin based drink.
Great cucumber flavor with mild mint structure with just enough gin botanicals to keep it complex yet fun.
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A cocktail invented by Colin Nugent--what we need are more mezcal cocktails and this one brings some bitterness into the picture.
This WWI-era cocktail is what most would consider the Long Island Iced Tea of Tiki as designed by Trader Vic. Vic said this drink doesn't cut the fog as much as it creates one.
Super sour with light sweet, and a vermouth-like sherry finish that may leave you shaking from the bite.
Designed by bartending veteran and beverage consultant Eben Freeman, a great take on a fall whiskey sour
Bourbon based notes with a lingering pomegranate sweet and tart
Some dedicated cocktail historians will tell you it was originally made with cognac over gin, but that’s still highly contested. Initially created at the New York Bar in Paris, the alcohol kick is like being shelled by a French 75mm field gun and thus you have “The French 75.”
Citrus and sparkling wine beginning into a slight off-dry floral mid-palate finishing with a lingering sweet malty citrus.
A good gin based cocktail utilizing
Sweet up front, dry in the back with notes of juniper pairing with a fruity cranberry.
The Gin Campari Sour makes a good valentine's day cocktail as it comes in pink, has a sour tart bite and a lingering bitter.
Traditional sour flavor balanced against a lingering light bitter bite
You can create a “Fix” with any core spirit, as documented on page 135 of How To Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas. Most accurately, a “fix” is typically served shaken with ice and served over ice, while a sour is shaken with ice but served in a chilled glass without ice.
Tastes like alcoholic lemonade
The original Gin Fizz recipe was published in 1862 by Jerry Thomas, The Bartender’s Guide: How To Mix Drinks. Similar to that of a Gin Fix but with less ice and more fizz (carbonation).
Smooth and silky lemon flavor with muted notes of juniper and a dry finish
A cocktail from Milk & Honey bar, a take on a whiskey sour with honey instead of simple syrup.
The sweet and sour combination that feels like a whiskey sour but with a richer sweetness of honey. Great with high proof bourbon.
The hot toddy is as hold as home remedies and does not come in a true formal recipe, however most recipes over the last 100 years do suggest a whiskey, lemon and usually a honey or sweetener to help aid a sore throat.
Warm citrus, alcohol (especially from the hot fumes) and honey, just as one would expect.
A bourbon based cocktail without any real history, but with a good solid taste; A variant of a variant of Erick Castro original
Fruity and light with a bit of ginger bite, very little bourbon in the profile
It is said that this recipe arrived sometime in the 1970s by Norman Jay Hobday in San Francisco. The cocktail represents the flavor profile of the 1878 Lemon Drop candy, or that’s the theory of its inception.
Flavor profile closely resembling that of a lemon drop candy.
The Mai Tai is a forever fabulous and popular drink, this version brings the Orgeat and lime but does not match the exact Mai Tai recipe. This is a modification of a modification slightly tweaked (by us) to be less sweet.
Circa 1953. Like almost every tiki drink on the planet, this recipe has gone through mutations over the last 50+ years.
Coffee flavor, moderately sweet against a dark rum with some pungent funkiness from the Jamaican rum.
Liber & Co Grenadine