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Created by New York bartender Sam Ross, this cocktail was no doubt designed with autumn/fall in mind. It has all the medicinal qualities of a fall warming cocktail.
Not overly smoky considering the topping of Islay Scotch leaving a honey, citrus scotch profile.
Pieces of Eight, a cocktail designed at the Pieces of Eight Restaurant back in the 1962. This cocktail plays off the restaurant name and nautical theme of pirates, booty and treasure. And, financing.
Flavorful passion fruit balanced against sour citrus notes and a driving rum flavor. Delicious tropical appeal.
Suggested to be originally published in the New York Times in 1908, a recipe from Jamaica, this "punch" has a wide variety of recipe designs, we happen to like this one because it's well crafted and tasty with pool side tropical appeal.
Foamy Fruity flavors mingled with molasses forward dark rum with a juicy tropical loveliness.
A rare whiskey based tiki cocktail designed by Sandro Conti from 1961. A whiskey sour meets passion fruit.
Created in 1888 by Henry Charles “Carl” Ramos at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans. This drink is synonymous with New Orleans, and is supposed to be shaken for 12 to 15 minutes. This raises the price at the bar and consumes a lot of bartender time.
Pure herbal gin and citrus forward flavor and aroma
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The Rattlesnake, a cocktail that resembles a rye whiskey sour (or Boston sour) with a bit of absinthe.
Rye whiskey spice, black licorice with an off-dry finish.
Nick Brown created this cocktail, which no doubt looks a little fancier if you dash all your bitters on top instead of fully integrating; this is a riff off the Mai Tai as it uses rye instead of rum and lemon instead of lime, but fits the "coming into spring" feeling
Almond, cinnamon, trade spices and a finish of lightly sweet rye whiskey
The Scorpion or "Scorpion Bowl" for the full size, is one of Trader Vic's most popular cocktail recipes, from around 1972.
A very generic "tiki drink", well balanced, good citrus to rum ratio that's not too sweet, not too dry. But, isn't memorable on complex flavors, good base for a new-aged tiki drink.
The first recipes for the Sidecar appear in 1922, in Harry MacElhone's Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails. It is one of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury's The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (1948). Ironically this recipe has a ton of variations, this is just one of them.
A driving lemon and brandy/cognac forward flavor, with a mild sweet and a citrus sour. Not as much brandy as some recipe ratios propose.
The "fizz" has existed since 1887 when Jerry Thomas penned his fizz recipes; one can technically turn anything into a fizz, even sloe berry gin, so here you go...a recipe dating to the 1880's with a spirit that matches it in age.
Dry berry flavor, brown sugar with a light off-dry and tart finish.
This cocktail, created by Liz Martinez at the Purple Pig showcases what you can do with a "sour" cocktail while keeping with the Mezcal trend. This drink explains why Mezcal is a versatile spirit.
A dry citrus flavor, a good blend of smoke and sour that lingers; a slight hint of herbal bitterness in the mid-palate.
The Southside cocktail has a murky history and a confusing origin city. Is “southside” referring to New York or Chicago? It has also been called “a mint julep with gin” and Dale Degroff says it’s a variation on a cocktail called the Major Bailey which uses both lemon and lime.
A sour-forward gin flavored design with subtle mint flavor.
There are many varieties of 'sundowner' recipes out there, so we are not sure what the historic significance is on this drink. But, we like the play of campari meets mezcal.
Smokey mezcal up front, bitter in the back with a little tequila sunrise like flavor profile.
The history behind this dates back to the first category of 'sour' and has been modified a bit to be more interesting and fun. This fits more of a "Boston Sour" (whiskey sour with egg white) but with Tequila and sugar/citrus/bitters that pair against the flavor of tequila.
This Zombie riff isn't exactly a Game of Thrones cocktail unless you want it to be, but it does fit a great summer time rum friendly desire.
Flavorful pineapple and light cinnamon notes playing off the quality of your rums
Liber & Co Grenadine