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A long island iced tea without the tequila, but with an inclusion of bitters and measured soda.
Drawing potency of spirits combined, with a bit more mild sweetness.
A 1950s recipe from Bali Ha'i At The Beach in New Orleans
Created by Mariano Licudine of the Mai-Kai Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL in 1971. The Mai-Kai, opened December 1956, it's now registered as a Historic Place in the National Registers and is the last known tiki-themed restaurant serving original Don Beachcomber cocktail recipes.
A subtle banana flavor with the focused flavor of your rum breaking right through without being boozy.
This cocktail works best in a barrel tiki mug because it fits the motif; This design is from the Mai Kai Restaurant, one of the Historic Places in Florida, best tiki bar in the world says some fans.
Sweet and smooth passion fruit tartness with a mild sour and a good balance of sweet flavor, doesn't feel like four ounces of alcohol. Like a passion fruit lemonade.
This drink is made differently in many locations, including the Donn Beachcomber's own locations (circa 1953). However club soda was a late edition added by Jeff Berry in his book vs. the original recipe which called for a blender and crushed ice.
Lemonade and Good & Plenty candy, a light and refreshing sour against black licorice
This WWI-era cocktail is what most would consider the Long Island Iced Tea of Tiki as designed by Trader Vic. Vic said this drink doesn't cut the fog as much as it creates one.
Super sour with light sweet, and a vermouth-like sherry finish that may leave you shaking from the bite.
Circa 1953. Like almost every tiki drink on the planet, this recipe has gone through mutations over the last 50+ years.
Coffee flavor, moderately sweet against a dark rum with some pungent funkiness from the Jamaican rum.
By Don Beachcomber circa 1941. Snow cone design by barman Tony Ramos (taught to Jeff Berry in the 1990s). Tony Ramos created the tiki drink the "Hawaiian Eye" as the cast members of the show took over the bar 4 to 5 nights in a row after filming scenes in Waikiki.
The typical "tiki cocktail" flavor profile of dominating rum and tropical flavor sensations.
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The Scorpion or "Scorpion Bowl" for the full size, is one of Trader Vic's most popular cocktail recipes, from around 1972.
A very generic "tiki drink", well balanced, good citrus to rum ratio that's not too sweet, not too dry. But, isn't memorable on complex flavors, good base for a new-aged tiki drink.
From Steve Crane at Kon-Tiki restaurant in the 1960s, a big drink, but a great drink!
A 1941 Don The Beachcomber cocktail recipe that represents the perfect image of tiki
Mild sour, light on sweet, funky jamaican rum forward flavor
Designed by Don The Beachcomber circa 1934. This was found by Jeff Berry in one of Don's waiters notebooks from 1937 by the name of Dick Santiago says Jeff Berry in REMIXED. The recipe was marked "old."
Potent explosion of rum, grapefruit, spices, molasses and muted dry anise finish.
Royal Rose Real Sour Mix