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A variation of the Last Word made with Mezcal because Mezcal is fantastic.
A smokey start, mild sour with a herbal finish
This cocktail brings another great mezcal drink to your resume, and pairs apple juice with mezcal and passion fruit.
A spicy smoky balanced cocktail of citrus, tropical flavor and mezcal without too much apple juice flavor--mainly just used to fill it out.
The Luau cocktail was sent to us, seems a bit of research suggests mixologist Gerry Corcoran of PDT created it. We suggest creating this recipe with a good overproof rum, something too rich might be distracting and bacardi overproof is just bad, something in between would be great!
Rich and tangy flavor, floral and full of flavors and a bit of finishing bite.
The classic trader vic Mai Tai first designed in 1953. This historical variant uses two rums to replace the out of production 80 Proof Wray & Nephew Rum.
Lovely blend of rich flavorful rum, almond and mint with lingering citrus kick.
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created to riff-off the Dorchester cocktail, but in our home city of Manchester, NH.
Sweet and tart grapefruit, zesty citrus and lingering juniper notes; finishes dry and tart.
There are a wide variety of margarita recipes from super sour to super sweet, but this falls somewhere right in the middle, if slightly sweeter
Agave forward flavor, mingled with citrus and bright tequila notes.
Less known than a margarita, but sort of “what a margarita would look like if it was built like a tequila sunrise.” Like a Jackhammer cocktail (screwdriver with pineapple juice) but tequila over vodka.
A salty pineapple-like flavor with simple base flavor profiles easily expanded on with spicy tequila infusions, etc.
This drink is a bit more complicated with the creation of a steeped chili tequila, but those that love hot and refreshing cocktails will find this a fun recipe to drink and serve.
Hot and spicy fire, chocolate, tequila, spice and acidity all wrapped in more spicy heat!
The Mezcal fizz is out of the book of the Dead Rabbit in New York City, because it calls for watermelon juice, it's no doubt a late spring, early summer cocktail.
A bit of hot spice that simmers, a bit of smoke, flavorful watermelon, but not sweet.
The Mai Tai is a forever fabulous and popular drink, this version brings the Orgeat and lime but does not match the exact Mai Tai recipe. This is a modification of a modification slightly tweaked (by us) to be less sweet.
Apparently in Latin America the Michelada is used as a hangover remedy--usually not a great idea. This cocktail design is much like a Bloody Mary, everyone has their own design... this is ours.
A classic cocktail born out of Havana Cuba that has survived for almost one hundred years. This old classic is still requested at bars, pool parties and resorts.
Light and refreshing sweet mint and sour lime bite with a light rum backend flavor.
The Moscow Mule is said to have been invented in 1941 and largely considered the cocktail that sparked the popularity of vodka in the United States. It pairs ginger beer with vodka and a bit of lime acidity.
Spicy ginger zing with a refreshing citrus flavor, not too complex but great for pool side, hot weather and parties.
With the origin Hotel Nacional, this drink is based in Cuba -- Havana, specifically, but so many daiquiri designs can be created off the original. This recipe was modified by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Warm rum and citrus with a hint of peach in the finish; great balance of sweet against sour.
By Don Beachcomber circa 1941. Snow cone design by barman Tony Ramos (taught to Jeff Berry in the 1990s). Tony Ramos created the tiki drink the "Hawaiian Eye" as the cast members of the show took over the bar 4 to 5 nights in a row after filming scenes in Waikiki.
The typical "tiki cocktail" flavor profile of dominating rum and tropical flavor sensations.
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