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Created by New York bartender Sam Ross, this cocktail was no doubt designed with autumn/fall in mind. It has all the medicinal qualities of a fall warming cocktail.
Not overly smoky considering the topping of Islay Scotch leaving a honey, citrus scotch profile.
Invented at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, this 19th century artwork is a riff off the manhattan. It's simply a manhattan with scotch.
Spirit forward flavor, lots of scotch comes through from start to finish; slight peaty smoke (or heavy if you use an Islay Scotch)
A simple mix concept of Drambuie and Scotch Whisky. This cocktail can be served with or without ice, it's up to you. This cocktail came to light around 1963 and its name stuck when when Gina MacKinnon, the chairwoman of the Drambuie Liqueur Company, gave the Rusty Nail her endorsement.
Scotch with honey like sweetness of Drambuie.
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A creative balance of scotch and cynar in a Boulevardier-like design.
A light bitter orange start, light eucalyptus herbal note, with a mild well-balanced scotch against the herbaceousness
Hudson & Lee Honey Mix