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The Shy Sour is a cross between a margarita and an amaretto sour -- designed by M. Carrie Allan
Light sour with a touch of almond sweetness followed by a mild smoke and saline finish.
This cocktail, created by Liz Martinez at the Purple Pig showcases what you can do with a "sour" cocktail while keeping with the Mezcal trend. This drink explains why Mezcal is a versatile spirit.
A dry citrus flavor, a good blend of smoke and sour that lingers; a slight hint of herbal bitterness in the mid-palate.
This spicy cocktail was designed by Grant Wheeler, The Garret, NYC after we taste tested different options we opted for Boy Drinks World Serrano Cocktail Spice for its depth of flavor.
A smokey start with a mild bitter and good spice finish.
There are many varieties of 'sundowner' recipes out there, so we are not sure what the historic significance is on this drink. But, we like the play of campari meets mezcal.
Smokey mezcal up front, bitter in the back with a little tequila sunrise like flavor profile.
Great fireside cocktail for the colder months of the season, or perhaps even around a campfire in spring?
Beautiful agave and smoke with a nice sour bite that lingers. Great use of mezcal.
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created for the Moscow Mule company's 75h Anniversary MuleHead recipe book
Smoky and oaky sage and refreshing chilled spicy ginger zing.
Peychaud's Bitters