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The paper plane is one of the only cocktails that utilizes a folded airplane for its garnish and is a riff off the Last Word
a rollercoaster ride of flavor, a sweet start, a grapefruit mid-plate with a bitter bite that focuses on aperol and amaro nonino with little bourbon and an off-dry finish.
A rare whiskey based tiki cocktail designed by Sandro Conti from 1961. A whiskey sour meets passion fruit.
This falls into the family of cocktails with the "slow comfortable screw" naming convention. When created with fresh orange juice, you've go a lovely lightly sweet breakfast cocktail, add galliano and you've got an "up against the wall" recipe.
Taste like freshly squeezed orange juice with a twang of southern comfort sweetness.
A cocktail named for a character in the movie Chocolat, but no real cocktail history.
A light chocolate hint against a nice whiskey flavor that leads to a spicy bite in the finish
Apparently the cocktail father was designed after The Godfather movie and sets its date to the 1970s. Not a true classic yet still dates itself by over 30 years.
Bourbon forward vanilla's and oaks with a hint of cherry and light sweetness
A spiked eggnog from Uncle Angelo, Dale Degroff's Uncle. A worthwhile build for an alcoholic eggnog recipe for the winter / Christmas
Eggnog with a warm nutmeg and light alcohol warmth, fantastic creaminess
A century old recipe design, great for the warm months and easy because you can make up your ingredients. You can find recipes with similar ingredients dating back to Jerry Thomas’ 1862 How to Mix Drinks, or, The Bon Vivant’s Companion but not by name "Whiskey Smash."
Warm buttery oak, citrus, mint, light touch of vanilla notes in the finish. Whiskey brand dictates profile.
The whiskey sour, a basic sour cocktail ratio with your favorite whiskey, could also be considered a 'Boston Sour' with the inclusion of egg white.
A mingling of citrus and whiskey and a silky smooth texture that ends off-dry.
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created for the Moscow Mule company's 75h Anniversary MuleHead recipe book
Smoky and oaky sage and refreshing chilled spicy ginger zing.
BG Reynolds Falernum Syrup