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The classic pina colada, it's a mystery as to why a drink like this works because it has no sour component. But, who cares? It works!
Suggested to be originally published in the New York Times in 1908, a recipe from Jamaica, this "punch" has a wide variety of recipe designs, we happen to like this one because it's well crafted and tasty with pool side tropical appeal.
Foamy Fruity flavors mingled with molasses forward dark rum with a juicy tropical loveliness.
Another child of the 70's with a controversial background. The painkiller became trademarked by Pusser's years after its creation, requiring all bars and restaurants to make a painkiller with Pusser's Rum or risk lawsuit. Created in the British Virgin Islands at the Soggy Dollar bar, now popular everywhere.
Smooth mouthfeel like that of a blended drink, with coconut dominating, rum on the back end and a lovely nutmeg aromatic, on the sweeter side. Not too unlike a pina colada.
The Rum Runner is said to have been a child of the 1950s at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada Florida.
Raspberry candy with a little banana filling; This is a potent number, you can taste the alcohol.
Nick Brown created this cocktail, which no doubt looks a little fancier if you dash all your bitters on top instead of fully integrating; this is a riff off the Mai Tai as it uses rye instead of rum and lemon instead of lime, but fits the "coming into spring" feeling
Almond, cinnamon, trade spices and a finish of lightly sweet rye whiskey
A cocktail of the 80's that has been made bad many times over the last thirty years; our goal was to find one worth trying yet still maintains the sweet-forward flavor.
Sweet up front and dry in the back, with some red lollipop flavor or watermelon jolly rancher.
The very first Singapore Sling recipe said to have been created by Ngiam Tong Boon is lost to time. Not even the Raffles Hotel, who has been serving it since 1915 or so, has the original recipe–they add “this or that” as Jeff Berry says in his book.
Tropical flavors of almond, brown sugar, cherry, pineapple and an array of sweetness.
An interesting cocktail that feels like it may be a riff on a Singapore Sling of sorts.
A light bitter aperol, a flavorful sweet passion fruit, light tart, lots of flavors going on
From Steve Crane at Kon-Tiki restaurant in the 1960s, a big drink, but a great drink!
This Zombie riff isn't exactly a Game of Thrones cocktail unless you want it to be, but it does fit a great summer time rum friendly desire.
Flavorful pineapple and light cinnamon notes playing off the quality of your rums
Cognac cocktail created by Denver bartender Ben Anderson
Fruity pineapple balanced against warming rum, and a light bitter finish
Scrappy's Orleans Bitters