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A cocktail with Campari that doesn't become aggressive like other campari drinks, not a ton of history on this baby but we'd put it into the Modern Classics, it needs more attention.
A salty campari mild bitterness, tequila from start to finish with a tart dry finish.
Created by fruit stand owner Oscar Hernandez to keep himself cool in Mexico. People asked what it was and asking for him to make them one so he did. Eventually it grew into a viral success and he began serving them at his stand to lines of people. They were served in plastic bags with a straw.
Tequila meets tomato juice which quickly bounces into a sweet tomato orange flavor profile and ends with a spicy kick.
Great fireside cocktail for the colder months of the season, or perhaps even around a campfire in spring?
Beautiful agave and smoke with a nice sour bite that lingers. Great use of mezcal.
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries