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A surprisingly delicious tiki cocktail from the wamp Fox Room of The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston SC circa 1950
Well balanced rum and dark smokey cherry
This 1950's classic has been made a dozen different ways with a dozen different ingredients, we've chosen one that fits our taste buds and generally accepted as flavorful and fun.
A balance of sour against sweet coconut and pineapple juice with an alcoholic kick and nice coffee notes.
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This tiki drink was created by Don the Beachcomber, circa 1941. It brings passion fruit together with a rum, light on spirit but the spirits involved are fairly strong.
Sweet and Tart with a growing tangy bite that grows on you while also bringing a good sour citrus
We have no idea the origin of this drink, we really didn't know if it was even a worthy drink, then we made it. It's fun, what more do you need?
Fruity, but also intense with flavorful coconut and banana, and a bit of a rum bite.
The Luau cocktail was sent to us, seems a bit of research suggests mixologist Gerry Corcoran of PDT created it. We suggest creating this recipe with a good overproof rum, something too rich might be distracting and bacardi overproof is just bad, something in between would be great!
Rich and tangy flavor, floral and full of flavors and a bit of finishing bite.
The Spanish Coffee was created by Jeffery Morgenthaler in his The Bar Book and served at Huber's Cafe in Portland Oregon.
Warm dark roast coffee with a balanced sweetness and a punch of ethanol on the tongue.
Royal Rose Three Chili Simple Syrup