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A Donn Beach tiki cocktail design out of World War II, "3 dots and a dash" signifies V for Victory in morse code. The letter V in morse code is ...- and this cocktail's garnish represents the three dots and the dash
Distinct clove-forward flavor, allspice with a nice bite of sour lime and a finishing of warm rum and Martinique funkiness.
A tiki drink published by Jeff Berry in the Grog Log, brings together allspice, rums and that lovely flavor of demerara.
Rich molasses notes, a mild to moderate sweetness of allspice and demerara. Refreshing and well balanced.
A classic Donn The Beachcomber tiki cocktail circa 1930 at the original Hollywood bar.
Fruity flavors of mild grapefruit, and citrus with a light sweet brown sugar molasses finish
An experimental drink created on the set of Common Man Cocktails to demonstrate you can take a few random ingredients and build a balanced cocktail with just a bit of math and science (and taste); Yep, it's a "2:1:1" recipe!
A balance of bitter eucalyptus, subtle almond with just the right citrus tart; "tiki taste" profile.
This tiki drink was created by Don the Beachcomber, circa 1941. It brings passion fruit together with a rum, light on spirit but the spirits involved are fairly strong.
Sweet and Tart with a growing tangy bite that grows on you while also bringing a good sour citrus
By Don Beachcomber circa 1941. Snow cone design by barman Tony Ramos (taught to Jeff Berry in the 1990s). Tony Ramos created the tiki drink the "Hawaiian Eye" as the cast members of the show took over the bar 4 to 5 nights in a row after filming scenes in Waikiki.
The typical "tiki cocktail" flavor profile of dominating rum and tropical flavor sensations.
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The Pearl Diver is a Donn Beachcomber original that was rediscovered by Jeff Berry after finding a notebook of former Donn Beach Maitre d’, Dick Santiago. Historical search, decoding, and publishing this hidden gem of a cocktail.
Coconut, allspice, nutmeg, citrus and a bit of rich rum greets your senses with every sip
A cocktail designed by Jennifer Schommer for the Youtube show Common Man Cocktails.
A balance of elderflower and raspberry, slightly on the fruity/sweeter side with rich molasses, brown sugar notes and a full acidic structure.
Hudson & Lee Honey Mix