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An old fashioned riff off the standard old fashioned with añejo tequila.
Oak aged tequila mingled with spice, pepper and a touch of sweet agave
A cocktail invented by Colin Nugent--what we need are more mezcal cocktails and this one brings some bitterness into the picture.
A cocktail designed by Bryan Dayton in Boulder at Oak At Fourteenth.
light mezcal start with a ginger mid-palate and a light eucalyptus and smoke finish. A bit herbal/medicinal.
A margarita with jagermeister, for those jager fans that want something more medicinal and herbal flavor in the sour category.
Herbal notes, jagermeister bitter and fennel flavor like a medicinal margarita.
There are a wide variety of margarita recipes from super sour to super sweet, but this falls somewhere right in the middle, if slightly sweeter
Agave forward flavor, mingled with citrus and bright tequila notes.
Designed by the Toro Bravo restaurant in Portland Oregon. An obvious riff off the Hemingway Daiquiri or even the Dorchester cocktail with the combination of Luxardo and fresh sours!
Earthy flavor that is light on smoke, nicely balanced mild sour against the salty mezcal bite.
The history behind this dates back to the first category of 'sour' and has been modified a bit to be more interesting and fun. This fits more of a "Boston Sour" (whiskey sour with egg white) but with Tequila and sugar/citrus/bitters that pair against the flavor of tequila.
A custom-made drink for Eddy Buckingham's Bar
Tequila, mild sweetness and lingering bitter bite
The third rail was first discovered at the Apotheke in Chinatown NYC. We had to re-design the recipe based on the ingredients they had told us about. This is our interpretation.
Coffee, blackstrap and a bit of zingy ginger.
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries