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Grapefruit and tequila have been paired together for years as well as spicy margaritas; this recipe brings both together.
Tequila forward agave, fresh tart grapefruit with a pepper heat that builds sip over sip.
There are a wide variety of margarita recipes from super sour to super sweet, but this falls somewhere right in the middle, if slightly sweeter
Agave forward flavor, mingled with citrus and bright tequila notes.
This margarita variation gives a bit more sweet flavor, a nice shade of pink yet retains the sour agave components.
Sweet-forward flavor, sour lime lingering with bright agave notes.
Great fireside cocktail for the colder months of the season, or perhaps even around a campfire in spring?
Beautiful agave and smoke with a nice sour bite that lingers. Great use of mezcal.
Royal Rose Three Chili Simple Syrup