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A long island iced tea without the tequila, but with an inclusion of bitters and measured soda.
Drawing potency of spirits combined, with a bit more mild sweetness.
The Cosmo was officially created in 1987 by a bartender in Manhattan. However, there are others that lay claim to similar recipes such as the Cape Codder/Harpoon cocktail, a recipe published on the back of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice cocktail.
A strong potency with a sweet tart cranberry flavor.
This drink was a child of the 70’s, arriving a decade before the Cosmopolitan hit the bar room. Cocktail historian David Wondrich says the history of the Kamikaze can be traced by to 1976.
A sweet and sour citrus experience with tart lime finish.
The traditional long island iced tea, designed with "five whites" mingled with sour mix and cola.
Powerful and potent with a bit of a citrus tea flavor
This margarita variation gives a bit more sweet flavor, a nice shade of pink yet retains the sour agave components.
Sweet-forward flavor, sour lime lingering with bright agave notes.
Royal Rose Real Sour Mix