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And after dinner cocktail designed at Poor Red's in El Dorado California.
Lots of creamy flavor, like a melted Hersey's Kiss or
A drink that gained popularity in the 50's and 60's, the brain child of Philip Guichet in New Orleans (where all good cocktails are born). Of course, the history could be all fictitious but it sounds good!
Andes Candies thin mint flavor profile; mint chocolate sweetness that's not overly minty; delicious.
The classic pina colada, it's a mystery as to why a drink like this works because it has no sour component. But, who cares? It works!
Spiked Eggnog (Eggnog with Alcohol) is a classic winter recipe created by dozens of people, it's pretty straight forward: whole eggs and spirit. This drink is a good starter recipe.
Creamy eggnog with a lightly burning alcohol, lightly sweet balanced against a rum finish. A bit chalky aftertaste.
A spiked eggnog from Uncle Angelo, Dale Degroff's Uncle. A worthwhile build for an alcoholic eggnog recipe for the winter / Christmas
Eggnog with a warm nutmeg and light alcohol warmth, fantastic creaminess - Buy ingredients today!