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A long island iced tea without the tequila, but with an inclusion of bitters and measured soda.
Drawing potency of spirits combined, with a bit more mild sweetness.
Invented in 1957 when a Bols rep asked Harry Yee, a bartender from Honolulu Hawai, to create a drink using Bols Blue Curacao. This drink is the final result of that challenge.
Pineapple sweet and light sour finish, spirits are mostly hidden within the beverage
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer for one of our Patreon members for the cocktail Youtube channel Common Man Cocktails.
A creamy, silky texture with oak, vanilla and with a good deal of dark chocolate flavor; a chocolate whiskey sour of sorts.
Imagine a manhattan like drink designed with spiced rum,
Sweet and sour cherry flavor with molasses and trade spices.
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The traditional long island iced tea, designed with "five whites" mingled with sour mix and cola.
Powerful and potent with a bit of a citrus tea flavor
This cocktail inspires conversation with the bright green color. Midori sours are known to all audiences from craft cocktail makers to college kids. This cocktail is a child of the 70s.
A sweet candy melon with a acidic sour finish with a light carbonation.
This margarita variation gives a bit more sweet flavor, a nice shade of pink yet retains the sour agave components.
Sweet-forward flavor, sour lime lingering with bright agave notes.
Royal Rose Real Sour Mix