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One of our fans submitted this drink, we did some research and it's from a book called Bestia: Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A, a worthy recipe for your mezcal collection.
Created by Sasha Petraske for John Dory Oyster Bar in New York City, this cocktail is probably a representation of daylight saving time, falling back to shorter darker days, where you need some warmth to help you survive.
A balance between sweet and bitter with a rye whiskey profile.
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The Sazerac went through many variations as Antoine Amedie Peychaud experimented with remedies that used his bitters. In 1838 it used French Brandy and by 1873 it was using American Rye. It moved from Absinthe to Herbsainte and other slight variations. All great cocktails change with time.
Spicy rye with a backend hint of anise/fennel and a slight sweetness.
Cognac cocktail created by Denver bartender Ben Anderson
Fruity pineapple balanced against warming rum, and a light bitter finish
Scrappy's Orleans Bitters