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The 12 mile limit is a prohibition era cocktail that was named after the 12 mile distance at sea you had to be at to drink alcohol during the Volstead Act.
Dry, sour citrus taste, a bit of rye without being too sweet. No real brandy impact seems to stand out.
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This champagne drink brings the classic daiquiri appeal to a champagne cocktail for a well crafted design. Appears in David Embury's 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.
Sweet flavors of rum and honey with a hint of champagne
The Aruba Ariba seems to exist in many variations, this version contains fruit punch to avoid having to use a lot of fruit in the build.
Light and fruity with coconut, pineapple, cherry and no alcohol kick
A 1950s recipe from Bali Ha'i At The Beach in New Orleans
Invented in 1957 when a Bols rep asked Harry Yee, a bartender from Honolulu Hawai, to create a drink using Bols Blue Curacao. This drink is the final result of that challenge.
Pineapple sweet and light sour finish, spirits are mostly hidden within the beverage
A highly searched cocktail design that is no doubt a riff off the pina colada, but it's blue and has a slightly different flavor profile.
In 1959 he came up with a couple hangover remedies which he called Dying Bastard and Dead Bastard while working at the Marco Polo Club in Manhattan.
Light/muted combination of bourbon and spicy ginger that remains light and refreshing. Not as bourbon-flavored as the dying bastard recipe.
First created by Constantino Ribalaigua Vert in Cuba, this Daiquiri variation is often referred to as the Hemingway Daiquiri or Daiquiri #3
Light sour lime against herbal maraschino sweetness and a mild yet muted rum flavor. Easy to drink, good balance.
A signature cocktail of Havana's Hotel Nacional de Cuba. This cocktail can be made with both light rum and dark rum depending on your favorite rum style. We love dark rum for this one!
A bold rum flavor balanced against tropical pineapple and apricot, a floral slightly delicate sour
The story involves a surplus of rum in the market. In the mid-1940s, shortly after World War II ended, bourbon and Scotch whisky were in short supply. Rum, however, was plentiful. That gave rise to the invention of the Hurricane
The traditional long island iced tea, designed with "five whites" mingled with sour mix and cola.
Powerful and potent with a bit of a citrus tea flavor
The Luau cocktail was sent to us, seems a bit of research suggests mixologist Gerry Corcoran of PDT created it. We suggest creating this recipe with a good overproof rum, something too rich might be distracting and bacardi overproof is just bad, something in between would be great!
Rich and tangy flavor, floral and full of flavors and a bit of finishing bite.
A classic cocktail born out of Havana Cuba that has survived for almost one hundred years. This old classic is still requested at bars, pool parties and resorts.
Light and refreshing sweet mint and sour lime bite with a light rum backend flavor.
With the origin Hotel Nacional, this drink is based in Cuba -- Havana, specifically, but so many daiquiri designs can be created off the original. This recipe was modified by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Warm rum and citrus with a hint of peach in the finish; great balance of sweet against sour.
The Passion Fruit Daiquiri is a riff off a traditional daquiri but with a bit more sour bite and passion fruit tartness.
Borders on the line of sour to super sour passion fruit tartness with lingering lime finish.
Liber & Co Grenadine