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The Aruba Ariba seems to exist in many variations, this version contains fruit punch to avoid having to use a lot of fruit in the build.
Light and fruity with coconut, pineapple, cherry and no alcohol kick
This 1950's classic has been made a dozen different ways with a dozen different ingredients, we've chosen one that fits our taste buds and generally accepted as flavorful and fun.
A balance of sour against sweet coconut and pineapple juice with an alcoholic kick and nice coffee notes.
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An easy piƱa colada cocktail that doesn't require the use of coconut cream and a messy build, or blender. Simple. Easy.
It tastes like a pina colada, flavorful rum, vanilla and pineapple all in your business.
We have no idea the origin of this drink, we really didn't know if it was even a worthy drink, then we made it. It's fun, what more do you need?
Fruity, but also intense with flavorful coconut and banana, and a bit of a rum bite.
Imagine a manhattan like drink designed with spiced rum,
Sweet and sour cherry flavor with molasses and trade spices.
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