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A highly searched cocktail design that is no doubt a riff off the pina colada, but it's blue and has a slightly different flavor profile.
We found absolutely no reference to where this cocktail could have come from but we guess someone was playing with the concept of the pina colada and mai tai when working on this design.
On the sweeter side, with lots of coconut and pina colada flavor with a warm rum finish.
The classic pina colada, it's a mystery as to why a drink like this works because it has no sour component. But, who cares? It works!
Another child of the 70's with a controversial background. The painkiller became trademarked by Pusser's years after its creation, requiring all bars and restaurants to make a painkiller with Pusser's Rum or risk lawsuit. Created in the British Virgin Islands at the Soggy Dollar bar, now popular everywhere.
Smooth mouthfeel like that of a blended drink, with coconut dominating, rum on the back end and a lovely nutmeg aromatic, on the sweeter side. Not too unlike a pina colada.
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries