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We found absolutely no reference to where this cocktail could have come from but we guess someone was playing with the concept of the pina colada and mai tai when working on this design.
On the sweeter side, with lots of coconut and pina colada flavor with a warm rum finish.
An experimental drink created on the set of Common Man Cocktails to demonstrate you can take a few random ingredients and build a balanced cocktail with just a bit of math and science (and taste); Yep, it's a "2:1:1" recipe!
A balance of bitter eucalyptus, subtle almond with just the right citrus tart; "tiki taste" profile.
This WWI-era cocktail is what most would consider the Long Island Iced Tea of Tiki as designed by Trader Vic. Vic said this drink doesn't cut the fog as much as it creates one.
Super sour with light sweet, and a vermouth-like sherry finish that may leave you shaking from the bite.
A great after tiki drinking desert cocktail, either a starter or finisher for the tiki party. We don't know where this cocktail came from, but it's plenty good.
Deliciously silky smooth coffee flavor, like a coffee milk with no alcohol taste.
The classic trader vic Mai Tai first designed in 1953. This historical variant uses two rums to replace the out of production 80 Proof Wray & Nephew Rum.
Lovely blend of rich flavorful rum, almond and mint with lingering citrus kick.
The Mai Tai is a forever fabulous and popular drink, this version brings the Orgeat and lime but does not match the exact Mai Tai recipe. This is a modification of a modification slightly tweaked (by us) to be less sweet.
Invented in 1972 by Trader Vic, documented in Trader Vic’s Bartenders Guide using Trader Vic Mai Tai Mix; switch up tequila for blended scotch and this “Mai Tai” variant becomes a Honi Honi cocktail instead.
Mai Tai flavor profile, citrus, almond with a sweet agave flavor.
The Scorpion or "Scorpion Bowl" for the full size, is one of Trader Vic's most popular cocktail recipes, from around 1972.
A very generic "tiki drink", well balanced, good citrus to rum ratio that's not too sweet, not too dry. But, isn't memorable on complex flavors, good base for a new-aged tiki drink.
The Trinidad sour is a great use of angostura bitters in high degree, this drink's core "spirit" is bitters and that is pretty unusual.
Bitter clove, allspice, nutmeg and other trade spices with just the right amount of balance
Liber & Co Orgeat Syrup