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The Oaxacan Jewel was created by one of our community members and is a take on the Bijou cocktail, but with Mezcal!
High potency with accents of herbs, black licorice, and a hint of smoke in the finish.
This cocktail, created by Liz Martinez at the Purple Pig showcases what you can do with a "sour" cocktail while keeping with the Mezcal trend. This drink explains why Mezcal is a versatile spirit.
A dry citrus flavor, a good blend of smoke and sour that lingers; a slight hint of herbal bitterness in the mid-palate.
A cocktail born during prohibition at the Detroit Athletic Club, which could be a riff off the Corpse Reviver #2. While this drink is considered a prohibition cocktail, it was more than likely design prior to prohibition.
A balanced herbal forward cocktail that doesn't lean towards sour, and has hints of sweetness. - Buy ingredients today!