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This cocktail is designed by San Francisco bartender Jon Santer who apparently loves spirit-forward spicy rye cocktails because this will hit you like a... revolver.
Spirit forward, coffee with a blast of rye whiskey right up in your face.
Nick Brown created this cocktail, which no doubt looks a little fancier if you dash all your bitters on top instead of fully integrating; this is a riff off the Mai Tai as it uses rye instead of rum and lemon instead of lime, but fits the "coming into spring" feeling
Almond, cinnamon, trade spices and a finish of lightly sweet rye whiskey
The Sazerac went through many variations as Antoine Amedie Peychaud experimented with remedies that used his bitters. In 1838 it used French Brandy and by 1873 it was using American Rye. It moved from Absinthe to Herbsainte and other slight variations. All great cocktails change with time.
Spicy rye with a backend hint of anise/fennel and a slight sweetness.
Rye Whiskey and maple syrup is the invention of Jim Meehan's new Chicago bar Prairie School --
A slight tart yet jammy flavor with a slight sweet maple and raspberry finish.
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The Trinidad sour is a great use of angostura bitters in high degree, this drink's core "spirit" is bitters and that is pretty unusual.
Bitter clove, allspice, nutmeg and other trade spices with just the right amount of balance
Liber & Co Grenadine