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This herbal cocktail feels and tastes like a prohibition style drink but we feel it probably was invented many years later. We couldn't find any good history for it.
Herbal flavors of eucalyptus, fennel, a bit of citrus that's not too alcohol-forward; not too unlike a sweeter sazerac.
Another neighborhood cocktail with rye, that riff's off the manhattan and all those other manhattan variations, this cocktail brings "green" in the form of chartreuse
Nice smooth rye flavor with a nuanced herbal sweetness and only a mild / slight vermouth finish.
The Mai Tai is a forever fabulous and popular drink, this version brings the Orgeat and lime but does not match the exact Mai Tai recipe. This is a modification of a modification slightly tweaked (by us) to be less sweet.
Joaquin Simo's creation from Death & Co in NYC circa 2011.
Smokey grapefruit flavor profile in a unique blend that remains well-balanced without additional sugars.
Jeffrey Morgenthaler design for those of us that want a fall seasonal cocktail that doesn't get pumpkin spice all up in your face
Moderately bitter, mildly herbal, and dry finish
An interesting cocktail that feels like it may be a riff on a Singapore Sling of sorts.
A light bitter aperol, a flavorful sweet passion fruit, light tart, lots of flavors going on
BG Reynolds Falernum Syrup