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A long island iced tea without the tequila, but with an inclusion of bitters and measured soda.
Drawing potency of spirits combined, with a bit more mild sweetness.
The Cosmo was officially created in 1987 by a bartender in Manhattan. However, there are others that lay claim to similar recipes such as the Cape Codder/Harpoon cocktail, a recipe published on the back of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice cocktail.
A strong potency with a sweet tart cranberry flavor.
This drink was a child of the 70’s, arriving a decade before the Cosmopolitan hit the bar room. Cocktail historian David Wondrich says the history of the Kamikaze can be traced by to 1976.
A sweet and sour citrus experience with tart lime finish.
The traditional long island iced tea, designed with "five whites" mingled with sour mix and cola.
Powerful and potent with a bit of a citrus tea flavor
This margarita variation gives a bit more sweet flavor, a nice shade of pink yet retains the sour agave components.
Sweet-forward flavor, sour lime lingering with bright agave notes.
The Spanish Coffee was created by Jeffery Morgenthaler in his The Bar Book and served at Huber's Cafe in Portland Oregon.
Warm dark roast coffee with a balanced sweetness and a punch of ethanol on the tongue.
Royal Rose Real Sour Mix