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The idea of the decepticon is to deceive the drinkers eyes into thinking they're going to be sipping on a lemon drop...but they are not: this is a smoky mezcal number instead.
A smokey citrus with undertone of maraschino liqueur
The Martinez was either the father to the Martini, a cousin to the Martini, a variation, or just a drink created around the same time period. Both the Martini and the Martinez were born between 1860 and 1870 as vermouth became more popular in the United States.
Stong potent start mixed with orange and subtle juniper with a mid-palate and finish that lingers bitter, tart and powerful.
Jerry Thomas turned this prank cocktail into reality in 1876’s The Bar-Tenders Guide (page 91) in which Thomas references the Tom Collins as a Whiskey, Brandy or Gin cocktail by simply changing out the core ingredient in this sour.
Refreshing yet sour start with a mildly sweet tart gin ending with bubbly citrus and a lingering sour lemon - Buy ingredients today!