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A Donn Beach tiki cocktail design out of World War II, "3 dots and a dash" signifies V for Victory in morse code. The letter V in morse code is ...- and this cocktail's garnish represents the three dots and the dash
Distinct clove-forward flavor, allspice with a nice bite of sour lime and a finishing of warm rum and Martinique funkiness.
A modern mezcal focused cocktail developed by Devojka at LifeHacker, a blend of smoke, tart, and sour with a bit of bitter -- strange right? The Age of Aquarius for sure.
Starts sweet, moves to sour and tart with tail end of smokey and bitter yet mildly sweet.
This champagne drink brings the classic daiquiri appeal to a champagne cocktail for a well crafted design. Appears in David Embury's 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.
Sweet flavors of rum and honey with a hint of champagne
This cocktail works best in a barrel tiki mug because it fits the motif; This design is from the Mai Kai Restaurant, one of the Historic Places in Florida, best tiki bar in the world says some fans.
Sweet and smooth passion fruit tartness with a mild sour and a good balance of sweet flavor, doesn't feel like four ounces of alcohol. Like a passion fruit lemonade.
The “Bees Knees” is prohibition-era slang for “the best” and this cocktail does bring out the best of honey and gin. The exact origin of this recipe is lost to history but as Jeffrey Morganthaler said, it appears in Trader Vic’s Bartenders Guide circa 1947 and called for the use of honey.
Lemon Centric flavor profile, muted honey sweetness with gin botanicals.
A cocktail from Milk & Honey bar, a take on a whiskey sour with honey instead of simple syrup.
The sweet and sour combination that feels like a whiskey sour but with a richer sweetness of honey. Great with high proof bourbon.
By Don Beachcomber circa 1941. Snow cone design by barman Tony Ramos (taught to Jeff Berry in the 1990s). Tony Ramos created the tiki drink the "Hawaiian Eye" as the cast members of the show took over the bar 4 to 5 nights in a row after filming scenes in Waikiki.
The typical "tiki cocktail" flavor profile of dominating rum and tropical flavor sensations.
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Created by New York bartender Sam Ross, this cocktail was no doubt designed with autumn/fall in mind. It has all the medicinal qualities of a fall warming cocktail.
Not overly smoky considering the topping of Islay Scotch leaving a honey, citrus scotch profile.
Spiked Eggnog (Eggnog with Alcohol) is a classic winter recipe created by dozens of people, it's pretty straight forward: whole eggs and spirit. This drink is a good starter recipe.
Creamy eggnog with a lightly burning alcohol, lightly sweet balanced against a rum finish. A bit chalky aftertaste.
From Steve Crane at Kon-Tiki restaurant in the 1960s, a big drink, but a great drink!
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created for the Moscow Mule company's 75h Anniversary MuleHead recipe book
Smoky and oaky sage and refreshing chilled spicy ginger zing.
Hudson & Lee Honey Mix