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Created by New York bartender Sam Ross, this cocktail was no doubt designed with autumn/fall in mind. It has all the medicinal qualities of a fall warming cocktail.
Not overly smoky considering the topping of Islay Scotch leaving a honey, citrus scotch profile.
Dale Degroff designs a cocktail that takes advantage of apple cider and we cannot argue. Invented at the Silver Leaf Tavern in NY.
A zing of ginger with a nice apple flavor profile with just a hint of rum character.
The third rail was first discovered at the Apotheke in Chinatown NYC. We had to re-design the recipe based on the ingredients they had told us about. This is our interpretation.
Coffee, blackstrap and a bit of zingy ginger.
A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created for the Moscow Mule company's 75h Anniversary MuleHead recipe book
Smoky and oaky sage and refreshing chilled spicy ginger zing.
Hudson & Lee Honey Mix