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This 1950's classic has been made a dozen different ways with a dozen different ingredients, we've chosen one that fits our taste buds and generally accepted as flavorful and fun.
A balance of sour against sweet coconut and pineapple juice with an alcoholic kick and nice coffee notes.
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We couldn't find any history on this, but we guess the screwdriver nature is the use of orange juice combined with a core spirit (rum) to make an excellent flavored cocktail.
Brown sugar, slight bitterness, allspice with a little rum flavor in the finish.
This cocktail works best in a barrel tiki mug because it fits the motif; This design is from the Mai Kai Restaurant, one of the Historic Places in Florida, best tiki bar in the world says some fans.
Sweet and smooth passion fruit tartness with a mild sour and a good balance of sweet flavor, doesn't feel like four ounces of alcohol. Like a passion fruit lemonade.
The story involves a surplus of rum in the market. In the mid-1940s, shortly after World War II ended, bourbon and Scotch whisky were in short supply. Rum, however, was plentiful. That gave rise to the invention of the Hurricane
This classic Tiki drink was created in 1978 at the Aviary bar of the Kuala Lumpur Hilton. This drink brings campari to tiki design but stays true to beach sipper flavor profile.
Tropical pineapple flavor that starts sweet with a bit of dry campari bitterness but some will find it arguably sweet.
The Krakatoa is no doubt some old tiki drink modified over the years, this cocktail is similar to one we've seen published by Jeff Berry, but without actual coffee included (circa 1960)
Coffee notes right up front, citrus to follow with mingling clove; a tropical coffee beverage with interesting flavors.
The classic trader vic Mai Tai first designed in 1953. This historical variant uses two rums to replace the out of production 80 Proof Wray & Nephew Rum.
Lovely blend of rich flavorful rum, almond and mint with lingering citrus kick.
Suggested to be originally published in the New York Times in 1908, a recipe from Jamaica, this "punch" has a wide variety of recipe designs, we happen to like this one because it's well crafted and tasty with pool side tropical appeal.
Foamy Fruity flavors mingled with molasses forward dark rum with a juicy tropical loveliness.
Spiked Eggnog (Eggnog with Alcohol) is a classic winter recipe created by dozens of people, it's pretty straight forward: whole eggs and spirit. This drink is a good starter recipe.
Creamy eggnog with a lightly burning alcohol, lightly sweet balanced against a rum finish. A bit chalky aftertaste.
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