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A cocktail design by Jennifer Schommer, created to riff-off the Dorchester cocktail, but in our home city of Manchester, NH.
Sweet and tart grapefruit, zesty citrus and lingering juniper notes; finishes dry and tart.
A spicy seranno cocktail created by Ram at Boy Drinks World for his awesome Seranno Cocktail Spice bitters, not and spicy with a good balance!
Margarita-like flavor with a spicy backend fire with a lingering yet mild bitter finish
This spicy cocktail was designed by Grant Wheeler, The Garret, NYC after we taste tested different options we opted for Boy Drinks World Serrano Cocktail Spice for its depth of flavor.
A smokey start with a mild bitter and good spice finish.
Cocktail & Sons Oleo Saccharum