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An old fashioned riff off the standard old fashioned with añejo tequila.
Oak aged tequila mingled with spice, pepper and a touch of sweet agave
This cocktail was designed by Derrick and Jennifer Schommer of Common Man Cocktails with the goal of integrating an anejo tequila into a springy yet spicy and sweet tart cocktail design.
A spicy ginger zing, a spicy bite of mole flavor and smooth tequila with a nice balance of sweet and tart, slight tiki tropic flavor.
This cocktail brings another great mezcal drink to your resume, and pairs apple juice with mezcal and passion fruit.
A spicy smoky balanced cocktail of citrus, tropical flavor and mezcal without too much apple juice flavor--mainly just used to fill it out.
The history behind this dates back to the first category of 'sour' and has been modified a bit to be more interesting and fun. This fits more of a "Boston Sour" (whiskey sour with egg white) but with Tequila and sugar/citrus/bitters that pair against the flavor of tequila.
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries