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A Donn Beach tiki cocktail design out of World War II, "3 dots and a dash" signifies V for Victory in morse code. The letter V in morse code is ...- and this cocktail's garnish represents the three dots and the dash
Distinct clove-forward flavor, allspice with a nice bite of sour lime and a finishing of warm rum and Martinique funkiness.
A tiki drink published by Jeff Berry in the Grog Log, brings together allspice, rums and that lovely flavor of demerara.
Rich molasses notes, a mild to moderate sweetness of allspice and demerara. Refreshing and well balanced.
The Lion's Tail appears in “The Café Royal Cocktail Book,” published in 1937. The creator is lost to history, was it the author of the book or a barkeep somewhere in the world? We may never know.
An off-dry flavor of bourbon, allspice finish that's well balanced with acidity.
The Nui Nui balances allspice, clove, cinnamon and other trade spices for a great introduction tiki drink for new and old cocktail enthusiasts.
Flavorful balance of allspice, clove, and cinnamon, on the sweeter side of tiki.
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