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This cocktail is also documented in the 1931 publication Old Waldorf Bar Days by Albert Stevens Crockett (page 127). In this publication, the cocktail was designed as a rum-based recipe with a bit of grenadine.
Raspberry sweetness mingled with floral juniper with a light dry citrus mid-palate that finishes sweet and silky with raspberries and gin.
Nickname for a New Yorker (or Yankee), this is The Knickerbocker cocktail recipe first appeared in the first bartending guide, Jerry Thomas' 1862 "Bon Vivant's Companion." Old recipe, however, generally could be thought of as a Raspberry Daiquiri
A flavorful raspberry flavor with a mild sour bite and a bit of potency in the finish
A cocktail designed by Jennifer Schommer for the Youtube show Common Man Cocktails.
A balance of elderflower and raspberry, slightly on the fruity/sweeter side with rich molasses, brown sugar notes and a full acidic structure.
Royal Rose Raspberry Simple Syrup