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A cocktail of the 80's that has been made bad many times over the last thirty years; our goal was to find one worth trying yet still maintains the sweet-forward flavor.
Sweet up front and dry in the back, with some red lollipop flavor or watermelon jolly rancher.
A 1961 Tiki cocktail based out of Ohio at the Kahiki restaurant in Columbus. Plus, it's purple.
Grape Daiquiri Popsicle with a sour bite in the finish, like a sweet tart
The Woo Woo is a cocktail with a shrouded history for such a well known drink. One of the rumored histories noted by Bols Amsterdam was that the cocktail was designed by a bartender at the now closed First Edition bar in Bayside, NY.
Peach-forward flavor with a tart finish of cranberry, ethanol hides well. - Buy ingredients today!