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We believe this recipe came from Dale Degroff as part of his The Craft Cocktail book, this was a fan submission that fit more of a fall/winter seasonal drink menu.
Apple-forward flavor with a strong punch in the back, a lingering bitter and a very unsweet finish; granny smith apple-like
Nickname for a New Yorker (or Yankee), this is The Knickerbocker cocktail recipe first appeared in the first bartending guide, Jerry Thomas' 1862 "Bon Vivant's Companion." Old recipe, however, generally could be thought of as a Raspberry Daiquiri
A flavorful raspberry flavor with a mild sour bite and a bit of potency in the finish
The classic trader vic Mai Tai first designed in 1953. This historical variant uses two rums to replace the out of production 80 Proof Wray & Nephew Rum.
Lovely blend of rich flavorful rum, almond and mint with lingering citrus kick.
Scrappy's Orange Bitters