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While there is no real history behind this drink, nor do we know whom created it, this cocktail came across our desk and we just had to make it.
Dry and acidic, not too sweet, but all the flavors pair well together without anything overpowering; a bit of molasses/blackstrap, musty rye and hard to put down.
One of the only trademarked cocktails, the Dark 'N Stormy requires the use of Gosling's Black Seal Rum to be legitimately called by this name.
Rich molasses with a ginger zing; simple and refreshing.
The third rail was first discovered at the Apotheke in Chinatown NYC. We had to re-design the recipe based on the ingredients they had told us about. This is our interpretation.
Coffee, blackstrap and a bit of zingy ginger.
Royal Rose Three Chili Simple Syrup