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The Cosmo was officially created in 1987 by a bartender in Manhattan. However, there are others that lay claim to similar recipes such as the Cape Codder/Harpoon cocktail, a recipe published on the back of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice cocktail.
A strong potency with a sweet tart cranberry flavor.
It is said that this recipe arrived sometime in the 1970s by Norman Jay Hobday in San Francisco. The cocktail represents the flavor profile of the 1878 Lemon Drop candy, or that’s the theory of its inception.
Flavor profile closely resembling that of a lemon drop candy.
A riff off the traditional lemon drop "martini" that tastes like a lemon drop candy, but with passion fruit instead. No history with this one, just fun taste experiences.
Sweet passion fruit, tart passion fruit against a citrus sour zing. - Buy ingredients today!