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Fruit brandy's have been popular for years, but usually they play a subtle role in a cocktail. The apricot sour plays a central role in this beverage.
Starts sweet, ends off-dry and has a lovely mouth feel; well balanced and tasty.
A classic Donn The Beachcomber tiki cocktail circa 1930 at the original Hollywood bar.
Fruity flavors of mild grapefruit, and citrus with a light sweet brown sugar molasses finish
A signature cocktail of Havana's Hotel Nacional de Cuba. This cocktail can be made with both light rum and dark rum depending on your favorite rum style. We love dark rum for this one!
A bold rum flavor balanced against tropical pineapple and apricot, a floral slightly delicate sour
The Krakatoa is no doubt some old tiki drink modified over the years, this cocktail is similar to one we've seen published by Jeff Berry, but without actual coffee included (circa 1960)
Coffee notes right up front, citrus to follow with mingling clove; a tropical coffee beverage with interesting flavors.
With the origin Hotel Nacional, this drink is based in Cuba -- Havana, specifically, but so many daiquiri designs can be created off the original. This recipe was modified by Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Warm rum and citrus with a hint of peach in the finish; great balance of sweet against sour.
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