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We believe this recipe came from Dale Degroff as part of his The Craft Cocktail book, this was a fan submission that fit more of a fall/winter seasonal drink menu.
Apple-forward flavor with a strong punch in the back, a lingering bitter and a very unsweet finish; granny smith apple-like
Created by Sasha Petraske for John Dory Oyster Bar in New York City, this cocktail is probably a representation of daylight saving time, falling back to shorter darker days, where you need some warmth to help you survive.
A balance between sweet and bitter with a rye whiskey profile.
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Jeffrey Morgenthaler design for those of us that want a fall seasonal cocktail that doesn't get pumpkin spice all up in your face
Moderately bitter, mildly herbal, and dry finish
Scrappy's Orange Bitters