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A great new years even cocktail for those that want to experience champagne a bit differently from normal.
Champagne forward with slight nuance of allspice, cinnamon and clove.
Potentially the first cocktail that started it all, the old fashioned is a simple drink that dates to around 1850, first published in 1860. Our recipe is the original old fashioned, no muddled fruit or cherries, just the raw basics.
Forward rye flavor with muted bitters; simple.
The Sazerac went through many variations as Antoine Amedie Peychaud experimented with remedies that used his bitters. In 1838 it used French Brandy and by 1873 it was using American Rye. It moved from Absinthe to Herbsainte and other slight variations. All great cocktails change with time.
Spicy rye with a backend hint of anise/fennel and a slight sweetness.
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