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A modern mezcal focused cocktail developed by Devojka at LifeHacker, a blend of smoke, tart, and sour with a bit of bitter -- strange right? The Age of Aquarius for sure.
Starts sweet, moves to sour and tart with tail end of smokey and bitter yet mildly sweet.
This cocktail was designed by Derrick and Jennifer Schommer of Common Man Cocktails with the goal of integrating an anejo tequila into a springy yet spicy and sweet tart cocktail design.
A spicy ginger zing, a spicy bite of mole flavor and smooth tequila with a nice balance of sweet and tart, slight tiki tropic flavor.
A 1950s recipe from Bali Ha'i At The Beach in New Orleans
This cocktail works best in a barrel tiki mug because it fits the motif; This design is from the Mai Kai Restaurant, one of the Historic Places in Florida, best tiki bar in the world says some fans.
Sweet and smooth passion fruit tartness with a mild sour and a good balance of sweet flavor, doesn't feel like four ounces of alcohol. Like a passion fruit lemonade.
This tiki drink was created by Don the Beachcomber, circa 1941. It brings passion fruit together with a rum, light on spirit but the spirits involved are fairly strong.
Sweet and Tart with a growing tangy bite that grows on you while also bringing a good sour citrus
The story involves a surplus of rum in the market. In the mid-1940s, shortly after World War II ended, bourbon and Scotch whisky were in short supply. Rum, however, was plentiful. That gave rise to the invention of the Hurricane
This cocktail brings another great mezcal drink to your resume, and pairs apple juice with mezcal and passion fruit.
A spicy smoky balanced cocktail of citrus, tropical flavor and mezcal without too much apple juice flavor--mainly just used to fill it out.
The Luau cocktail was sent to us, seems a bit of research suggests mixologist Gerry Corcoran of PDT created it. We suggest creating this recipe with a good overproof rum, something too rich might be distracting and bacardi overproof is just bad, something in between would be great!
Rich and tangy flavor, floral and full of flavors and a bit of finishing bite.
The Passion Fruit Daiquiri is a riff off a traditional daquiri but with a bit more sour bite and passion fruit tartness.
Borders on the line of sour to super sour passion fruit tartness with lingering lime finish.
A riff off the traditional lemon drop "martini" that tastes like a lemon drop candy, but with passion fruit instead. No history with this one, just fun taste experiences.
Sweet passion fruit, tart passion fruit against a citrus sour zing.
Pieces of Eight, a cocktail designed at the Pieces of Eight Restaurant back in the 1962. This cocktail plays off the restaurant name and nautical theme of pirates, booty and treasure. And, financing.
Flavorful passion fruit balanced against sour citrus notes and a driving rum flavor. Delicious tropical appeal.
A rare whiskey based tiki cocktail designed by Sandro Conti from 1961. A whiskey sour meets passion fruit.
An interesting cocktail that feels like it may be a riff on a Singapore Sling of sorts.
A light bitter aperol, a flavorful sweet passion fruit, light tart, lots of flavors going on
From Steve Crane at Kon-Tiki restaurant in the 1960s, a big drink, but a great drink!
Liber & Co Passion Fruit Syrup